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When Jason Grove was battling his way to the top of Mount Vinson and the South Pole through blizzards and -35C temperatures, his thoughts were far from his business and short term insurance. However the opposite is not true. Back at the helm of Roxsure Insurance Brokers, a company with a 25-year pedigree, his thoughts often focus on his lifestyle and the lifestyle of others.

"Today South Africans like getting out there. These activities form an important part of our lifestyle, whether mountain biking, diving, climbing, playing golf and other sports or simply caravanning and camping. It is a leisure arena that because it is often regarded as recreational escapes the attention in terms of protecting ones investment,” he says.

Grove quotes mountain biking as an  example. “You pack your bike and other equipment into your vehicle and set off for the venue. Firstly there is no doubt on SA roads you need to have the  vehicle fully covered and a good Roadside Assist clause is essential.

It is estimated that the number of road accidents is escalating by between two and  three percent each year. We have many inexperienced drivers behind the wheel, there are more and more adverse weather conditions and the road  infrastructure has substantially deteriorated over the past couple of years due to a lack of maintenance... Another area is the equipment, in some instances  with a much value as the vehicle, which must be protected against theft and breakage. Grove says

Roxsure operates in three main areas. These are  Personal cover for physical assets, accidents and liabilities and Commercial, general and specialised coverage on buildings and assets of business,  electronic equipment and liabilities. The third is lifestyle.

In understanding a client’s lifestyle needs Roxsure Add-On Lifestyle cover offers protection for  items and equipment essential to enjoying sports and recreational activities from hang-gliding, golfing and climbing to cycling, caravanning and diving, just to name some of them.

Grove who heads up the operation with Elizabeth Errington says the company is constantly developing new products to meet the  needs of customers changing lifestyles and economic requirements.

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